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PJ Tucker Preps For Paris Fashion Week

By Fashionend | 27 June 2019 | 763 views | 3 Comments
PJ Tucker is excited about men’s fashion weeks. The Houston Rockets forward boarded a flight to Europe on Thursday evening for his second Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, and this time, plans to do things his way.
Tucker has a lot of fun with fashion, which he described as his “hobby” while shopping at the Versace Fifth Avenue store in New York City on Thursday in a white knit with split-side seams, olive pants with a tapered ankle and matching fedora. He also stopped by the Valentino store to pick up a red monochrome ensemble from the pre-fall 2019 collection and hit Stadium Goods in the evening.

“When I went to play in Europe in 2007, I really got into high fashion,” he said. Seeing older Italian gentlemen in brands like Brioni and Isaia, accessorizing “dope pocket squares, glasses and suede loafers” really stuck with Tucker. “That has always been my initiative, to do my own thing and take things that don’t really go together and put them together,” he explained. “Wear a tuxedo jacket with some track pants, whatever I feel like, whatever I think is dope.”
NBA and fashion fans keep a close eye on Tucker’s footwear and style when he walks through the arena tunnel with teammate and 2018 NBA MVP James Harden, who is also praised for his style.

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